Badge of Thanks

Banfields Aged Care recently had a Pen Pal initiative within the community and were inundated with letters, photos and drawings from the kids around our area.

As a thank you to the community for writing to our residents, Sam and Robyn made over 120 badges saying thank you. The badges are a “TREE OF LIFE” with thank you hand written on each one of them.

They were then put into a cellophane bag with a gold heart and a small sticker saying “Love from Banfields”. Robyn communicated this on the Phillip Island Community Board along with pictures of the residents holding the badges.

The Lifestyle team also set up a special area at the front door with a sign saying how much Banfields appreciated their love and support… 70 badges were picked up from the front door!

Robyn has continued with this idea of the thank you badges and, on behalf of Banfields, has been to some of the main shops on the front line in Cowes to give them out.

This has been a really positive experience for everyone involved and thank you again to our very special community.

Jul 20, 2020