Bill makes sure we eat our veggies!

91 years young, Bill Waters was born on the island of Whangarie of New Zealand. He first became interested in gardening at the tender age of 11 when his father needed to leave the family to go to War.

In his father’s absence, Bill ensured the crops and plants were always well maintained for the village to share in.

Bill also had a love of flying and worked very hard at getting his pilot’s license, so he was able to fly a single engine light plane. He then began work at Adastra as an “Agricultural Top Dresser “ – what Australians would call a “crop duster” pilot.

Bill did this work for five years but then decided that although he loved flying, he no longer wished to do the dusting of the vegetation.

Bill and his wife owned a plot of land and were growing varied fruit and vegetables, including Kiwi fruit, which was something quite new at the time in New Zealand.

It wasn’t long until word got around town that the best fruit and vege was at Bill’s place! Seizing on the opportunity, Bill and his wife started selling their much sort after produce from the garden gate.

In 2002, Bill and his wife immigrated to Australia, settling at Phillip Island, where they made sure they would still be able to enjoy growing their own produce.

They were lucky enough to secure a block of land big enough for a house and half an acre of land for their organic fruit and veggies.

In 2018, Bill moved into Banfields but one of his concerns was that he would no longer be able to eat or grow his own organic fruit and vegetables, which had been his staple diet for years.

However, we ensured that this was not the case and Bill now has several raised garden beds around the facility that he lovingly tends to each day.

Bill and the staff at Banfields enjoy picking and eating the delicious fresh produce that comes directly from his garden.

We recognise how important it is that Bill has been able to maintain his independence and love of gardening, whilst residing at his Banfields home.

Sep 25, 2020