Director of Care Message – Lara Basso

I hope you’re enjoying Spring 2020!

The sense of community and family values runs strong throughout the Banfields Community.
2020 has been both a rewarding, yet challenging year. The pressure to adapt quickly to a changing environment has brought new challenges to the Banfields Team as a whole, with significant pressure to senior management staff, from a perspective mostly of work/life balance.

After a year of service to the Australian Aged Care Group (AACG), Leeane Braun, Clinical Care Manager has passed the baton of care to Catherine Gementiza.

Catherine is a Registered Nurse, who many of you already know quite well. Catherine has been employed full-time by AACG since June 2017 and brings with her an array of knowledge and best practice from many years of experience.

Catherine can be contacted at Banfields, Monday to Friday during business hours. Should you prefer to contact Catherine via email: cgementiza@banfields.com.au

The choice Leanne made to focus more closely on her work/life balance and time with her family was a difficult decision to make, as Leeane has truly enjoyed supporting staff, residents and family with all aspects of clinical care.

I am pleased to announce that Leeane remains employed as a Registered Nurse at Banfields and am delighted Catherine has accepted the opportunity to manage our clinical care portfolio.

Also, in September, the Australian Defense Force (ADF), Victorian Aged Care Response Centre Team arrived to undertake a site tour of Banfields, with a purpose to ensure our systems and processes for our COVID-19 Safe Plan are robust and as per government guidance.

I am very pleased to say the ADF Team said, “Banfields is one of the best, if not the best site we have been to and we have been to almost every aged care facility in Bass Coast and Greater Gippsland regions!!”

Well done to all staff for your support and hard work in banding together, embracing new systems and processes and all with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

I know it has been challenging at times with scheduling in education, changes to the layout of the facility and adapting to various amendments to working conditions in what is a rapidly changing environment.

Special thanks and praise to the greater Banfields Community who have been supportive to staff and residents. Your special treats for all to share, delivered to our door have been very warmly welcomed and shared.

We are all safe and well at Banfields Aged Care and very well prepared with a good supply of essential items and equipment required during the pandemic.

I feel truly blessed to work with attentive, compassionate, empathetic and multi-skilled team of people who contribute, above and beyond to the family vibe of our Banfields Community.

Oct 26, 2020