‘Health Breaks’: supporting our staff when they need it most

You may have read about health and wellbeing partnership with Enact Health in past editions of this Newsletter. We partnered with Enact Health over the past few years, initially implementing a Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program for the management team at South Yarra, Kew Gardens and Banfields.

In 2018, Enact Health delivered a 12-Week Health and Wellbeing Program, which engaged 17 management staff across the business. The intention of the program was to engage staff with a well-rounded and holistic-based health and wellbeing model, which was customised to both their individual and facility’s needs.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the most challenging years we’ve ever experienced because of COVID-19. Now, more than ever before, our staff have needed guidance in the form of a complete health program that encompasses physical, mental and emotional support.

Engaging with Enact Health’s new program ‘Health Breaks’, led by Adam, Kristin and their team, all employees of AACG are encouraged to take a short break each day to do something positive for their mental and physical health.

In conjunction with these primary objectives, they will conduct health campaigns and challenges that will help to build a sense of community and connection for a positive workplace culture among AACG employees.

AACG management recognised early on how important it was to optimise the mental, physical, nutritional and social wellbeing of our staff, as well as boost the organisational-wide culture of health. This approach will ensure we continue to provide the same level of premium aged care that our residents expect and enjoy.

The ‘Health Breaks’ weekly challenges are also a great way to unite remote and onsite workforces and build a stronger team. Members of staff have reported back that they find the program has:
• Provided motivation and an added incentive to participate in healthy activities.
• Given a sense of reward for maintaining a daily ‘Health Breaks’ practice.
• Provided direction, purpose and meaning to their daily routine.
• Optimised social connection and strengthened company-wide cohesion.

More combined feedback was that the campaign brought all our staff together in a positive atmosphere that further enhanced inter-relationships. The ‘Live’ sessions and team-building activities held multiple times a week, promoted a sense of belonging and inclusivity.

The team-nature and structured approach of the Health Breaks program allowed our staff members to feel supported and guided in a non-threatening environment.

Banfields Lifestyle Team Leader, Robyn Montague, said, “Health Breaks gave me a routine that made me remember to put my own health first, so I could be as fit as possible to help our wonderful residents.”

CEO, Edward Matthies, said, “Health Breaks is a fantastic program that has provided support to all of our staff at Kew Gardens, Banfields and Head Office. I thank Adam, Kristin and their inspiring team for shifting our focus to ensure we concentrate on a holistic approach to our health. This has enhanced our ability to tackle the many challenges that we have faced at this time and helped guide us through it together implementing strategies to make our team more resilient and stronger than ever!”

Oct 27, 2020