Banfields Summer Edition 2023 – Australia Day

There were a lot of high jinks going on at Banfields Aged Care on Australia Day this year!

The day commenced with lamingtons at morning tea and an all Australian brain teaser game for our residents.

At lunchtime, we enjoyed a good ol’ fashioned BBQ topped off with a yummy piece of pavlova. What’s more Aussie than that?

The excitement in the air was high, when the clock ticked closer and closer to the start of our inaugural game of “Thong Toss”! The residents shared much laughter, teasing each other (which is the ‘Aussie way’), as they tried to get the highest score. A very funny display!

It was such a wonderful day, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Everyone was decked out with signature Aussie themed glasses and hats. The facility was decorated from top to bottom in the Australian flag – we loved celebrating what it is to be a true-blue Aussie!

Mar 17, 2023