Lifestyle Update – December 2021

Remembrance Day – 11 November

Remembrance Day was acknowledged this year with a special service in the Lounge. The important memorial day honouring the courageous Australians who served our country also featured in our arts and crafts sessions; we created poppies in tribute. Thank you to all who served. – Lest we forget.

Devonshire Tea Afternoon

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful fresh scone with some delectable jam and cream? Dining on fine china, our residents indulged their sweet tooth whilst enjoying some lively chatter – having seconds and even third servings!

Men’s Business

“Men’s Business” is held each week in the Men’s Club. The Club hosts all forms of games, large screen TV, various hobby magazines, music and much more Men’s stuff! Men’s Business Club is the perfect opportunity for the ‘fellas’ to get together in their own private space and reminisce about their working days, sports and basically having a yarn with the lads. Playing a game of pool is always a popular ice breaker!


Jan 12, 2022