Banfields Newsletter Edition 1 2024 – Lifestyle Manager’s Report

What happens behind the scenes in the Lifestyle Manager’s Office? Read on to find out…

I would like to stop and reflect on 2023 and share
some photos just in case you’ve missed some of the amazing moments we shared together last year, as a Banfields Family.

As I look back on 2023 and some of the challenges we faced as a team, I’m so impressed by the commitment, professionalism and neverending
support my team has shown in continuing to provide a lifestyle program that has allowed all of our residents to live their best life and to their
fullest potential.

Sometimes people can fall into the unhelpful and incorrect trap of treating all older people as a homogenous group. However, here at Banfields,
each resident is treated as the unique individual they are; all with unique preferences and needs.

Beyond assessing cognitive ability, we seek to fully understand each resident’s upbringing, personality, likes/dislikes, religious beliefs and cultural background, as well as all the activities they used to enjoy.

It’s from this place of deeper understanding that a tailored lifestyle program can be developed that aims to meet their preferences and goals.

As with any stage of life, meaningful relationships are imperative to ensuring a high quality of life. Lifestyle activities are the ideal way to connect with other residents and staff through shared interests and social events. It’s the perfect way to meet other people in a relaxed setting and share conversation and laughter, while doing something fun!

“Wow!” is all I can say in summary of 2023. What an amazing year full of fun and frivolity!

The year that was 2023 included:

  • New Year’s Day celebrations.
  • Australia Day and the inaugural “Thong toss”.
  • Bill Waters took out the competition for the “Best Tosser” – positive connotations for this particular win!
  • The “Tree of Life was created.
  • Special Golden Men’s and Ladies’ Group Luncheons were held in the private dining room.
  • Our Rock & Roll Day was held.
  • International Donut Day was obviously a very sweet event!
  • Football – including Grand Final Celebrations.
  • International Women’s Day.
  • International Nurses’ Day.
  • Trigger the Wonder Horse came to visit during Equine therapy. What a treat it was to see Trigger walking the halls of Banfields.
  • Pet therapy with our Director of Love – a wonderful dog named Bohdi.
  • Nurf gun games – the residents had so much fun taking pot shots at the lifestyle staff, as we ran for cover.
  • Voting – Keeping our Residents Empowered.
  • Melbourne Cup Carnival – our residents made beautiful fascinators to show off at our afternoon High Tea.
  • Halloween – spooky fun and games!
  • …And finally… Christmas 2023 celebrations and New Year’s Eve 2024.

Who would have thought you could fit that much into one year, on top of all the outings and activities we do each day.

It goes without saying how much I love this team of extraordinary people. The effort that goes into every activity, special event and the individual time they give to our residents is honestly next level. It has been said many times that Lifestyle is the glue that holds it all together. I firmly believe this and thank my team from the bottom of my heart for another great year. 2023 was also a significant year at Banfields as it was our 10 year anniversary!

A big “Thanks” goes to:

  • Janiece King
  • Vicki Maxfield 10 years of service.
  • Julie Grant
  • Kaylene Turner
  • Debra Tanner
  • Jay Saan

That was a wrap for 2023, please enjoy all the photos and some from this year too! We are well into many exciting activities and events
for 2024, as the Summer months are now coming to a close. So, stay tuned for the next edition to see all the fun we’ve been having here at Banfields Aged Care, as we make 2024 our best yet!

Best wishes,
Robyn and the Lifestyle Team.

Feb 28, 2024